Über uns: About the Barcelona.com 's team

Über uns: About the Barcelona.com 's team
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Barcelona.com "Best travel services since 1996"

- The relevance and the simplicity of the Barcelona.com domain name
- Attend to information and requests that net surfers send us.
- A very reactive structure
- The net surfer being confident while he is in directed to best services
- The selection of services being regularly verified by our editors
- The daily objective being to simplify and prepare a visit to Barcelona

have allowed Barcelona.com to become the world leader Barcelona website of travel information, travel services and bookings.

1996: Creation of the Barcelona.com website
2015: Objective: 22.000 visitors / day


The team:
Joan Nogueras, Founder & Partner
Larry Kriv, Founder & Partner: In charge of development
Jean Gaudel, Internet Consultant & Production Manager 
ICG Group, Capital Partners


Barcelona.com, Inc. is a U.S. registered company
( EIN- 98.0229147 )
P.O Box 5253
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413 - U.S.A.
Tel. +1.818.574.5770 / Fax +16463493064

Tel. Barcelona: (+34) 93.390.6126 - office hours

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